Professional Athletes / High Profile Individuals

Divorce cases involving professional athletes and other high-profile individuals are often highly technical and legally complex. The careers of pro athletes, entertainers and high-profile individuals place them under enormous pressure to excel. When someone whose professional life is this demanding faces divorce, it is imperative that they obtain experienced guidance and legal counsel from a lawyer who can effectively represent their interests. We bring a unique set of skills and experience that allow us to provide exceptional family law advocacy to members of MLB, the PGA, the USTA, the NBA, the NFL and NASCAR and their spouses.

Experienced Representation in High-Asset Divorce Cases

We have the skill and the knowledge to handle complex property division, alimony, mothers’ rights, fathers’ rights and child support issues that arise in matrimonial litigation. Our lead attorney, Matthew Jay Lane, Esq., has more than 30 years of professional trial experience. No matter how complex or acrimonious your family law case becomes, attorney Lane will be on hand to provide sound legal advice and protect your interests.

It is also important to understand the challenges that high-profile individuals, professional athletes, entertainers and their spouses face. It is imperative to protect their privacy and the privacy of their children. We handle our clients’ cases with discretion, professionalism and skill. We are able to collaborate with agents and managers to bring about successful resolutions for our clients.

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Client Reviews
“What distinguishes Matthew from other attorneys is his compassion and understanding for people who are seeking counsel during difficult times. Matthew’s intellect and knowledge are obvious. His patience and integrity are unequaled. I highly recommend Matthew.” E.O.
“Mr. Lane was professional, honest, and quick to respond to all my inquiries. He was a calming presence in an extremely difficult divorce proceeding. I would highly recommend his law firm.” ToniLynn B.
“I had an excellent experience with Mr Lane. I went through a very difficult divorce and he was excellent. He was always available and always treated me like I was his most important client. I would and do recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer specializing in divorce.” Mark F.