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Experienced Counsel In Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Cases

If someone you love has died as a result of medical malpractice, it is important that you speak to a highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate Palm Beach County medical malpractice attorney.

At Matthew Lane & Associates, P.A., we aggressively represent victims of medical malpractice in wrongful death lawsuits throughout Palm Beach County. We represent families of the deceased in their time of need. We protect the rights of grieving families, and make sure that these types of injuries do not occur to someone else’s loved one.

If you have suffered a loss due to medical malpractice, call or email us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. In our initial consultation, we will meet with you and your family, and will answer all of your questions.

How Does Wrongful Death Occur In Medical Malpractice Cases?

A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that as many as 284,000 deaths occur every year as a result of medical malpractice. These deaths are caused by doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, hospitals, urgent care facilities, clinics, surgery centers, laboratories, and other health care providers.

Fatal errors include:

  • The misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose an illness
  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to administer appropriate tests
  • Failure to correctly interpret test results
  • Delays in treatment
  • Failure to render appropriate care and treatment

What Might I Collect In A Wrongful Death Case?

Damages that you may be eligible to recover in a wrongful death suit include loss of earnings, support and services; loss of prospective net accumulations; loss of companionship; mental pain and suffering; loss of parental companionship, instruction, and guidance; and medical and funeral expenses.

What If They Have Offered Us A Settlement?

After you have lost a loved one, it is important that you should not make any major decisions without consulting an attorney. Do not sign a release, and do not accept any money without first knowing the type of damages to which you and your family are entitled and the amount of insurance coverage that is available.

Don’t Wait — Delay Could Limit Your Recovery

It is critical that an investigation into the facts of the case be undertaken as soon as possible. This is necessary to preserve incriminating medical records and to obtain information while memories are still fresh. Additionally, Florida has strict statutes of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits. The failure to file a lawsuit in a timely manner will preclude your right to obtain a recovery.

Call us today at our Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens or Orlando office, or use our online form below to arrange a free case evaluation. We accept all cases on a contingent fee basis and only recover our fees when you prevail in your cause of action.