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Dental Malpractice Attorney In Palm Beach County

Dental work that is performed incorrectly can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. Patients may experience physical pain. These problems, in turn, can cause emotional difficulties and lost time at work. Victims of dental malpractice may run up big bills trying to get the badly done work fixed. Their ability to eat normally may be impaired. It’s an experience that no one should have to go through.

Unfortunately, incompetent dentists are out there, and some patients do become victims of dental malpractice. If you or a loved one think there may be something wrong with dental work that was performed on you, you should talk to an experienced attorney as soon as you realize there might be a problem.

Dental malpractice cases can be complex. At the Palm Beach County, Florida, law firm of Matthew Lane & Associates, we have the skill and experience to handle the most difficult cases. We bring our broad litigation experience to fight for your rights as a dental patient and to get you the compensation that you deserve. We are deeply committed to obtaining justice for our clients. In our pursuit of justice, we work hard and we find creative solutions to complex problems.

What Is Dental Malpractice?

The law says that dentists in Florida must provide an appropriate level of care to their patients. When a dentist’s work falls below the legal standard of care, and his or her carelessness injures a patient, the dentist may be liable for malpractice. There are many types of injuries to dental patients that might be malpractice. Some examples are:

  • Performing unnecessary dental procedures
  • Failing to diagnose or treat oral health conditions
  • Failing to get informed consent before performing a procedure
  • Improperly extracting teeth
  • Not treating or inadequately treating complications of procedure
  • Improperly administering anesthesia

Talk To A Dental Malpractice Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have experienced any of these problems, or any other dental problems that you think may have been caused by a dentist’s carelessness or failure to meet professional standards, please contact us online or call us at our Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens or Orlando office to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We would be glad to talk to you to find out more about your situation and to offer suggestions about what you should do next. We understand that being a victim of dental malpractice can be a painful and frustrating experience. We want to help.