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Medication & Pharmacy Errors in Miami, Florida

A medication errors opinion by the Florida Court of Appeal captioned Powers v. Thobhani pointed out that the duties Florida pharmacists have toward their patients. When dispensing medications, pharmacists are required to assess and interpret the physician’s prescription. They are required to determine whether there are potential adverse reactions. Pharmacists are required to determine whether there are adverse interactions with other medications. They must review the dosage to determine whether it is an accurate dosage. Pharmacists certify that the medication that is called for is ready to be transferred to the patient. Additionally, pharmacists shall provide counseling on how to properly use the medication. They can provide this counseling in writing or orally, when in the exercise of their professional judgment, they determine that counseling is necessary. Pharmacists are charged with general knowledge of prescription medications and the risks presented by taking certain medications. They should be knowledgeable and able to explain the risks of taking prescribed medications. A pharmacist has a duty to warn customers of the risks involved in filling prescriptions.

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