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How common are pharmacy errors?

Even pharmacies can make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes are often deadly. Find out what you need to know about pharmacy malpractice in this article.

Seeking medical care is often a strenuous or exhausting experience. Trying to find the right doctor, receive the correct diagnosis, and finally find relief from medical symptoms can be overwhelming and frustrating. Most patients turn to their doctors in order to seek relief from pain. They don’t expect to walk away with more problems than they started with. Unfortunately, medical errors can be incredibly damaging both physically and emotionally. Patients who receive the wrong medication, or the wrong dosage of a medication, may find that they experience severe side effects from that mistake. Unfortunately, in the United States, pharmacy errors are quite common. In fact, the FDA receives more than 100,000 reports each year in regards to medication errors and mistakes. If you’ve recently been given a new medication, there are a few things you need to know about pharmacy errors.

Pharmacy errors can effect anyone.

It’s important to understand that pharmacy errors aren’t just limited to certain types of medications or certain types of patients. In fact, pharmacy errors can affect anyone. More importantly, pharmacy errors don’t always present in the same way. For example, mistakes may include receiving the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication. In some cases, you may receive a medication that interacts with something else you are taking. This is one of the reasons that consulting with the pharmacist prior to leaving the pharmacy is so important.

Pharmacy errors can cause lasting damage.

If you receive an incorrect dosage of a medication or you inadvertently receive something you are allergic to, the damage may be long-lasting. This is one of the biggest problems with pharmacy mistakes. Patients who do not realize they have received the wrong medication may continue to take it, yet not understand why their symptoms have changed or even gotten worse. It’s important to seek medical help immediately if you have been given the wrong medication or your symptoms become worse instead of better after taking a new medication.

Pharmacy errors aren’t always caught right away.

When you pick up medication from the pharmacy, you may have a consultation with the pharmacist to discuss the medication, other drugs you are taking, or the appropriate dosage. Generally, if there is a mistake on the label of the medication or you accidentally received the wrong medication, the pharmacist will catch the mistake at this time; however, that doesn’t always happen. In some cases, mistakes may not be caught until after you have taken the medication and become ill from it.

If you have been the victim of medical malpractice or pharmacy errors, meet with your attorney as soon as possible to talk about seeking compensation and restitution. Pharmacy errors are a serious medical problem and should be treated as such. Your attorney will talk with you about the situation and let you know what your next steps need to be.