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Are More Medication Errors Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic responsible for an increase in medication errors? It is possible due to the stress of fewer people on staff to backlogs in appointments. If you suspect medication errors, you should take action now.

When was the last time you visited the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions? Did you worry about medication errors being caused by everyone’s focus on the coronavirus outbreak? The truth is that COVID-19 has nearly everyone’s attention and with good reason. It is changing the way that we live, work, cleanse, and have fun.

What Causes Medication Errors?

Unfortunately, even before COVID-19 became a large part of our lives, medication errors happened.

Sometimes, prescription problems begin even before the medication order even arrives at the pharmacy. Here are a few of the reasons that the prescription filled might not be the proper one:

• Missing information in the patient’s records

• A mix up in patient records due to the similarity of names

• Poor diagnosis and failure to identify necessary medication

Some of the reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic may be responsible for an increase in medication errors include:

• The pharmacist makes a mistake and provides an improper dosage.

• The pharmacist is distracted due to stress over the coronavirus outbreak and fills the wrong order.

• The pharmacist is hurried due to an increase in the number of prescriptions being handled and provides the wrong dosage.

• The pharmacist needs to manage more prescriptions than usual and fills the wrong order

Medication Errors Occurring Due to COVID-19 Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic may be responsible for pharmacy malpractice when it arises from situations developing because of the virus outbreak. Pharmacists are overwhelmed as customers, who are trying to stockpile, order existing prescriptions along with expired ones. Tensions run high as pharmacies run out of certain prescriptions or when customers are denied their orders. Plus, customers and pharmacists alike are stressed due to the quarantine, spending too much time with the same people, worrying over the virus, and having to deal with unpleasant individuals.

What happens though, if you are given the wrong prescription? You may not even notice this issue at first, especially if you’ve been taken the same medication for months or years. After all, you trust your pharmacist, don’t you?

If you believe you’ve been a victim of pharmacy malpractice due to medication errors, reach out to an experienced attorney today. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the steps needed to make sure the involved parties are held responsible. Taking action now can save other patients from experiencing the same problems.