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There are milestones in life when you need a trusted legal adviser to guide you. At the law firm of Matthew Lane & Associates, P.A., we devote our time and resources to divorce and family law matters. Our broad experience from decades of practicing law will help you protect your rights as a parent and a spouse.

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If you are facing the possibility of a divorce or a family law issue, you need sound and intelligent advice from an experienced family law attorney. We care about our clients, take the time to listen, and provide creative and cost-effective solutions to difficult family law problems. We have extensive experience, and the financial acumen required to strategically negotiate and litigate complex financial matters.

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With offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Boca Raton, retain a skilled divorce lawyer and family law attorney dedicated to professional excellence by calling our office at (561) 328-1111, or by contacting us online. We are willing to provide you with an initial consultation within 24 hours of the time that you call.

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Are Assets Acquired After a Divorce is Filed Marital Assets?

In Florida divorce cases, there are three dates that courts utilize to determine whether assets and liabilities are marital: (i) the date when the parties execute a valid separation agreement, (ii) a date agreed to by the parties in a valid separation agreement; and (iii) the date the divorce is filed.

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Psychological Evaluations in Child Custody Cases in Florida

Psychological evaluations in child custody cases in Florida are permitted when: (i) a parent’s mental condition is directly involved in the determination of an issue that is presently before the Court, and (ii) a parent’s mental condition makes him or her unable to meet the children’s needs or substantially affects his or her ability to raise the parties’ children.

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How to Receive an Unequal Division of Marital Assets

Under certain circumstances, Florida courts will award an unequal division of property and assets based upon the following factors: (i) each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, (ii) the length of the marriage, (iii) whether there was an interruption of either party’s career or educational opportunities, and (iv) a number of other factors.

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