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Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

At the law firm of Matthew Lane & Associates, P.A., we understand the importance of parenting issues. Our firm is committed to protecting our clients’ parental rights, and helping their children attain the future they deserve. We embrace our responsibility, and take pride in the service that we perform. The cases that we handle are very serious matters, and they are treated as such.

We have extensive experience handling all aspects of parenting proceedings. Our firm regularly handles complex family law issues and high-conflict divorces. We are dedicated to using our in-depth knowledge of the law, and our decades of experience to preserve your relationship with your children. Our law firm has a reputation for excellence, and we will thoughtfully navigate you through the process, with integrity, compassion, and professionalism.

Florida Law Concerning Child Custody and Visitation

In allocating time-sharing, some of the statutory factors that Florida Courts consider are:

i. the demonstrated capacity of each parent to encourage a close relationship between the children and the other parent, to honor the agreed upon time-sharing schedule, and to be reasonable when changes to the schedule are necessary

ii. the extent to which parental responsibility will be delegated to third persons

iii. the demonstrated capacity of each parent to consider the children’s needs as opposed to their own

iv. the amount of time that the children have lived in a satisfactory and stable environment, and the extent to which it is desirable to maintain continuity

v. the amount of time that will be spent traveling to effectuate the time-sharing plan

vi. each parent’s moral fitness

vii. each parent’s physical and mental health

viii. the children’s school, home and community record

ix. the children’s preference, if the court determines that the children possess sufficient understanding, intelligence and experience to articulate a reasonable preference

x. each parent’s knowledge about their children’ lives, including, without limitation, their teachers, friends, healthcare providers, favorite things, and daily activities

xi. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to provide a consistent routine for their children, including their schedules, homework, discipline, meals, and bedtime

xii. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to keep the other parent informed of issues and activities concerning their children, and their ability to adopt a unified front

xiii. domestic violence, child abuse or child neglect

xiv. proof that a parent provided the trial court with false information concerning domestic violence, child abuse or child neglect

xv. tasks that are performed by each parent before and after the institution of the dissolution proceedings

xvi. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to be involved in their children’s schooling and extracurricular activities

xvii. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to maintain an environment for the children that is free of substance abuse

xviii. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to protect their children from the ongoing dissolution proceedings, and their ability to refrain from disparaging the other parent

xix. each parent’s demonstrated capacity to address the developmental needs of the children

xx. any other factor that the court finds to be relevant

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