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Alimony Attorney

Sophisticated Guidance from Experienced Legal Counsel

At Matthew Lane & Associates, P.A., we draw on our legal, financial, and business acumen to effectively advise clients on all aspects of alimony litigation. Backed by decades of experience, our law firm provides skilled and sophisticated guidance in navigating the often-complicated issues that arise in alimony disputes.

We are familiar with the intricacies surrounding all facets of this area of law, and have substantial experience assisting clients in establishing, contesting, and modifying alimony awards.

Florida Law Concerning Alimony

In awarding alimony, some of the statutory factors that Florida Courts consider are:

i. whether the recipient has an actual need for alimony, and whether the payor has the ability to pay alimony

ii. the standard of living that was established by the parties during their marriage

iii. the duration of the parties’ marriage

iv. the age of each of the parties, and their physical and emotional condition

v. each party’s financial resources, including their marital and nonmarital and assets and liabilities

vi. each of the party’s earning capacities, and, if applicable, the time required for either of the parties to acquire sufficient training and education to find appropriate employment

vii. each party’s contribution to the marriage, including, without limitation, services rendered in childcare, education, homemaking, and career building

viii. each of the party’s responsibilities for their minor children after the conclusion of the dissolution proceedings

ix. the tax consequences to both of the parties of the alimony award

x. all sources of income available to either of the parties

xi. any other factor that the court finds to be necessary to accomplish a fair and equitable result

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