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In an adoption case involving unwed/unmarried parents, a putative father, who does not comply with the requirements of section 63.062(2), is deemed to have waived and surrendered any rights in relation to the child. "Sections 63.062(2)(b) & (3)(a) delineate the steps that a putative father must take to legally recognize a child and preserve his parental rights. Within 30 days of receipt of service of a notice of intended adoption plan, the putative father must: (1) file a claim of paternity with the Florida Putative Father Registry; (2) file a verified response with the court stating that he is personally fully able and willing to take responsibility for the child, setting forth his plans for care of the child, and agreeing to a court order of child support; and (3) provide support for the birth mother and child. ยง 63.062(2)(b), (3)(a), Fla. Stat. (2012). 

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