Financial Affidavits in Florida

Florida Rulings Child Support – Financial Affidavits in Florida Both parties must file financial affidavits for the trial court to award child support. “The appellant, Ari Palewsky, in this appeal from an order approving a magistrate’s report determining paternity and awarding child support, submits that, because the mother had not filed a financial affidavit, the trial court erred in determining the child support award. The appellee, the Department of Revenue, concedes that, in accordance with rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, both parties’ financial affidavits must be a part of the record, but argues that the absence of the mother’s affidavit was harmless error. Concluding that this error may not be considered harmless in this case, we reverse the support award and remand for an evidentiary hearing on the amount of support to be awarded.” Palewsky v. Dep’t of Revenue o/b/o Miller

Child Support – Financial Affidavits in Florida