Child Custody and Visitation in Wellington, Florida

Child Custody and Visitation in Florida was recently addressed by the Florida Court of Appeal in a case captioned Beck v. Lewis. In this case the father appealed the temporary order of the court which created a temporary timesharing schedule for the parents. The trial court granted temporary primary custody of the child to the mother. The Court of Appeal affirmed this temporary order. The temporary order terminated a prior court order that awarded temporary timesharing to the child’s grandmother.

The trial court order terminated the grandmother’s timesharing, establishing the mother as the primary custodian of the child, and awarding transportation expenses. The order provided for the father to have timesharing with the child one weekend per month, during the summer and during holidays. The father works on weekends as a DJ. The father challenged the trial court’s order based upon the fact that the timesharing schedule impairs his ability to earn a living on weekends.

The Florida Court of Appeal ruled on Child Custody and Visitation in crafting a final order, the Court should take into account the financial impact of the parenting plan on the father. The Court also pointed out that in entering a final judgment, the trial court may revisit its earlier decision based upon the evidence that is presented to it at the final hearing.

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