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In awarding alimony, the calculation of income from investments should reflect current reality. In Tarkow v. Tarkow, the Florida Court of Appeal stated that: “(WALLACE, Judge.) Based on claims by Stanley A. Tarkow (the Former Husband) that his financial circumstances had changed substantially and that Miriam R, Tarkow, n/k/a Katherine Kofler (the Former Wife), is in a supportive relationship, the circuit court entered an order that substantially reduced the Former Husband’s permanent periodic alimony payments. The Former Wife appeals the order, and the Former Husband cross-appeals. On the appeal, we affirm in part and reverse in part; we affirm on the cross-appeal… 

The circuit court also erred in using outdated information to calculate the Former Wife’s investment income. The final hearing before the GM was originally scheduled for April 12, 2011, but the parties could not conclude the matter within the time allotted on that day. Two months later, on June 16, 2011, the parties reconvened before the GM to complete the final hearing. At the continuation of the final hearing, the Former Wife proffered evidence that her investment accounts had been reduced in value in the amount of $61,146 during the period between the two sessions. Although the Former Husband did not dispute the accuracy of this evidence, he objected to its admission. The GM sustained the objection and refused to consider the updated information. As a result, the GM used incorrect information to calculate the Former Wife’s income from her investments. Thus the GM’s calculations substantially overstated the Former Wife’s investment income going forward. The GM’s calculations of the Former Wife’s income from her investments should have reflected current reality.”

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