Child Custody and Visitation in Palm Beach County, Florida

fam.jpgIn a child custody and visitation case, a parent is required to comply with the time-sharing schedule ordered by the Court and may not frustrate the other parent’s ability to have a positive relationship with their children. In a case captioned Ford v. Ford, the Florida Court of Appeal recently found a parent in contempt of court and imposed sanctions against her for failing to comply with the court ordered parenting plan. The Court held that a parent may not encourage children not to spend time with the other parent. A parent may not participate in a child’s refusal to stay at the other parent’s home for time-sharing. A parent may not empower children to reject the children’s relationship with the other parent. A parent should not schedule social events on days when the other parent has time-sharing with the children. A parent who does these things can be held in contempt of court. 

Additionally, in child custody and visitation proceedings, need and ability to pay are the factors that are most often used to determine whether one party is required to pay for the other party’s attorney’s fees. However, even though the other parent has the superior ability to pay all of the litigation costs, expenses and attorney’s fees; where a parent engages in wrongful conduct, that parent may have attorney’s fees, expert witness fees and court costs assessed against them as a result of their wrongful conduct. 

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