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The valuation of a business can be a complex process that calls upon a variety of disciplines. At the center of the valuation, however, you need an experienced attorney. You want an attorney who can coordinate the valuation of the business and apply the information gained from that valuation to the division of property in your divorce.

At the law firm of Matthew Lane & Associates, P.A., our senior attorney, Matthew Lane, has more than 30 years of legal experience. During his decades of practice, he has developed a network of experts in the business valuation field. He understands the intricate and detailed nature of a business valuation, and he will work diligently to coordinate a full and comprehensive valuation of your business for divorce purposes.

The Importance Of A Careful Valuation

During your divorce, all marital property is divided between you and your spouse. This includes any assets that gained value during your marriage. If you started a business or professional practice during your marriage, or if you had an existing business that increased in value, that gained value may be divided in your divorce.

For this reason, whenever you or your spouse have an interest in a business, it is important to have a thorough and careful valuation of the business conducted. With professional practices and other closely held businesses, the value may not be evident without thorough and thoughtful consideration.

How A Valuation Works

When you work with our law firm, we will assess all assets and debts that need to be valued and divided in your divorce, including any business interests. Then, we work with business valuation experts and other financial professionals to gain an understanding of the value of the business. These experts evaluate every aspect of the business, including financial statements, property holdings, commercial leases, and other assets and debts held by the business.

Wellington, Florida, Asset Valuation Lawyer

The valuation techniques for evaluating a business apply to many other types of assets, and are particularly useful in high net-worth and high-asset divorces. No matter the type of asset, we will work diligently to value your marital assets and liabilities to ensure that an appropriate division takes place in your divorce.

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