Today’s prenup and how it can help you

Engaged couples in Palm Beach Gardens should learn about some of the new uses of prenuptial agreements.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that has many potential uses and benefits for couples in Palm Beach Gardens. Like other legal contracts, the manner in which a prenup is created is vitally important to ensure its validity if and when needed. Today notes that things like the timing of a contract relative to the wedding date can impact whether or not a prenup is usable.

Something that many people may not be aware of is how prenuptial agreements have evolved to offer benefits to more couples today than in decades past. Floridians can now leverage prenups in their estate planning or guard against reputation damage on social media. Learning about these topics is important for couples who too easily dismiss the idea of marital contracts.

Special circumstances for blended families

When people get remarried, they often have weathered prior divorces. This makes them highly aware of the issues that can arise in a divorce. In addition, the desire and need to protect assets for children is strong.

When both partners in a new marriage have kids from prior marriages, protecting assets for children takes on a new twist. Separating out who will receive what after the parents die is critical. A prenuptial agreement can do this according to USA Today.

A potential negative side of social media

Social media can be a lot of fun for many people. It's a way to broadcast to many the joys of life and share milestones and changes. However, in the wake of a divorce, it can also be a forum on which former spouses can suffer blows to their reputation.

It only takes one slanderous post by a disgruntled ex-spouse to hurt the other party. This can be personally embarrassing but can also harm people professionally. According to Fox News, more and more prenuptial agreements today are being crafted with the inclusion of social media clauses. These are stipulations surrounding what each person can or cannot post on social media sites about the other.

ABC News explains that people who violate the terms of their social prenups can be fined heavily. A single slanderous post can result in a fine up to $50,000. For persons who have been hurt by these posts, the ability to demonstrate financial impact is important.

What Florida couples should do

Anyone interested in a prenuptial agreement should talk to an attorney. It is also important that each partner have separate representation to ensure a truly fair contract.

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